montaggio del corno di ultrasuoni Driller

2020-11-27 10:50:23

tighten the set-screw in the cone.

clean the contact surface on both sides, transducer-cone and horn. apply a drop of machine oil on both sides. screw the horn onto the transducer-cone and tighten it with the provided tools.

Set-up and adjusting of the feed-tray (The water thank is not supplied)

position the feed-tray with a proper inclination. adjust the water-dripping device to feed a mixture of abrasive and water to the tool. a piece of vinyl hose, attached to the end of the feed-tray, is used to feed the grit and water uniformly to the work piece along the horn and drilling tool. The abrasive grit is composed of carborundum (SiC) and can be re-used.

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